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Wear It Wild Day

To coincide with World Environment Day, P6 had a Wear It Wild day where the whole school were encouraged to dress up as an animal.


P6 had organised various activities for the other children in the school including beat the goalie, face painting, hoop-a-frog, tiger mouth game, knock down the cans, a balloon stall, limbo, nail painting and a bring and buy sale.


The hope was these events would help raise some money for us to adopt an endangered animal and if possible buy some acres of woodland that would be protected from being chopped down.


We were staggered and amazed that when we finally counted all of the money on Monday morning, a grand sum of £434 had been raised!  It exceeded all our expectations!


After a class vote, we decided to adopt two endagered animals - the Asian elephant and black rhino - and use the rest of the money to buy acres of woodland. 


Many thanks for all those who helped make the day such a success.

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