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Visit from Scottish Parliament

We had an Outreach visit from Mr Murray, an Education Officer with the Scottish Parliament.  He showed us an interactive slideshow and talked about the Scottish Parliament, the political parties, debating, passing laws, etc. We then formed our own Parties and came up with a Manifesto of what we would do if we were voted into government.


After that we held a debate about whether there should be a minimum age on Smart phones.  We all got to vote on this and "passed" a law saying that there should be.  We also had our own Presiding Officer to make sure this all went smoothly.


We had a very busy and enjoyable morning and learned lots about the Scottish Parliament and how our government works.

Picture 1 Discussing the Bill 1
Picture 2 Discussing the Bill 2
Picture 3 Our very own Presiding Officer!
Picture 4 Party Manifestoes 1
Picture 5 Party Manifestoes 2
Picture 6 Scottish Parliament slideshow
Picture 7 The Bill we "passed"
Picture 8 Voting 1
Picture 9 Voting 2
Picture 10 Waiting for the result!