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The Highland Clearances (1st May 2014)

In conjunction with our project, we have started to read a class novel called The Desperate Journey by Kathleen Fidler.


From this we are learning what life was like before the Highland Clearances and how what difficult times people went experienced when they were evicted from their croft and their land. (February)


We are now on Chapter 5 of our class novel and the Murray family who were evicted from their home in Sutherland have moved to Glasgow to find work.  The children are working in poor conditions in the cotton mills but Kate and James Murray, the mother and father are struggling to find work.  They have discovered that they now have an opportunity to catch a boat to Canada where they can begin a new life.


We have made some wall displays to show what we have been learning and the differences between life in the quiet countryside compared with busy city life.  

Picture 1 the township we created
Picture 2 inside a croft house
Picture 3 everyone busy at work
Picture 4 the runrigs used for farming
Picture 5 comparing croft life with city life
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9