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Term 4 Newsletter

Term 3

Last term we were very busy. The pupils made good progress with addition and subtraction to 10. They also worked hard on our time and money units within maths. The class have continued to make good progress with independent writing. We will continue to work on using fingers spaces and full stops this term. We enjoyed lots of topical art and craft activities throughout Term 3 – Robert Burns, Chinese New Year, Valentines and Easter. I was delighted with how well our Circus topic went. The pupils were engaged throughout and we completed a wide range of activities in class linked to our topic. The Open Afternoon was a great success and we thank you again for your support. At the end of Term 3 we presented a special assembly to the whole school about Easter and Spring time. I was very proud of the pupils who spoke in front of the whole school and everyone joined in to sing a song about the changing seasons at the end.



This term we will be working on the following:

· Consolidation of addition and subtraction to 10. Supporting mental arithmetic.

· Numbers to 20 – ordering, recognising, writing, counting

· Ordinal numbers – first, second, third etc.

· Length, weight and volume

· Position and movement –using correct language to describe direction, position and movement. (Unfortunately we didn’t get this done in Term 3 but we will be focusing on this during the Nursery transition visits in Term 4.)



In Writing we will continue to encouraging independent writing; focusing on finger spaces, sounding out words and using full stops accurately. We will continue to work on handwriting emphasising correct position, size and proportion. Our reading lessons will continue as before, however more information will follow as your child moves on to Level 3 books.


It is still important to practise the Jolly Phonics sounds occasionally to ensure they have been retained, particularly the double sounds which often prove tricky. I appreciate your support with this.


Health – P.E

In our P.E lessons this term we will be focusing on learning skills required for Sports Day. These will include: running, bat and bean bag, skipping, obstacle,



Our topic during Term 4 is Minibeasts. We will be learning about how different minibeasts grow, what they need to live and where they live. We will be learning about butterflies, frogs, spiders and various others. As part of our topic we will also be learning about plants and what they need in order to grow. We hope to plant some flowers in our school garden and grow some seeds in class. We also hope to have a butterfly garden in class and watch the changes from caterpillar to butterfly.



Our music and drama lessons will focus on various Minibeast related songs. We will be learning to use some different instruments and singing in time to music.



With Miss Taylor the class will be learning about the story of Jonah and the Whale and Joseph.



This term we will continue to create a bit of variety in homework tasks. Reading will be taught in class and reinforced at home. Word boxes will be heard on a Monday and Wednesday and Maths homework will now be given weekly on Thursday’s to reinforce what is being taught in class.


We appreciate your support with our Rainbow Reader scheme. I would be grateful if Rainbow Reader diaries and books could be kept in reading packs daily as this allows me to monitor how many books each child has read. Pupils will be encouraged to change books independently when they need to.


Show and Tell

I will again run a rota system for show and tell. Pupils are welcome to take something in from home to show the class. Please take a note of when your child’s turn is:


Monday 12th May – Roni, Hannah, Lachlan

Monday 19th May – Kayla, Kaeden, Victoria

Monday 26th May – Luke, Summer, Aiden, Lee. B

Monday 2nd June – Zara, Aaron, Alex, Danielle

Monday 9th June – Gregor, Kaitlyn, Cameron

Monday 16th June – Lee. M, Logan, Katie

Monday 23rd June – Dylan, Eva, Athrun


Important Information

During the week Tuesday 6th May to Friday 9th May I will be out of school assisting with the Primary 7 residential trip to Badaguish. The class will have Mrs Anderson on the Tuesday and Wednesday and Miss Taylor on the Thursday and Friday.


Other information:

It is most helpful is a gym kit is left in school at all times. Please ensure that you have named all of your child’s clothing. All jewellery must be removed for P .E lessons.