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Term 1

A very warm welcome to Primary 1!


I hope that you all had a lovely summer holiday and that your child is ready for their time in Primary 1. As some of you may be aware I got married in the summer holidays so my new name is Mrs Elder. Most of the pupils have been doing very well at remembering this!



After our introductory two week period at the start of Primary 1 the main focus of our work this term is Jolly Phonics. We will be teaching a new letter sound Mondays to Thursdays and spending Fridays consolidating the sounds. Occasionally we will spend other days consolidating sounds rather than learning a new sound but this will be noted in the Jolly Phonics jotter. As detailed in the note, jotters will be kept in school on Fridays to allow us time to prepare work for the week ahead. Please only complete the given sound on each specific day. This scheme of work is designed to be active and the pupils enjoy the variety of activities used to consolidate learning. Thank you for all of your hard work with this at home. If you have any questions about how best to support your child, please ask.


We will introduce the reading programme later this term. More information about this will be sent home at each stage.


The way in which we teach writing follows the Big Writing approach which is used at Pennyland. Pupils are encouraged from an early stage to sound words out for themselves and “have a go.” The emphasis being, that if a child can ’think it’ and ‘say it’ then they can ‘write it.’ There will be a lot of time spent promoting talking in the classroom and having discussions with the children.


Pupils will not be expected to write their own name at the moment in Primary 1 until they have been formally taught all of the formations for the letters. I understand that your child may already be attempting to write their name, which is fantastic! Please be aware that in class they will be learning this over the coming weeks and months which will take time to ensure that all letter formations are correct.


Show and Tell will be each Monday morning. Each child is encouraged to share with the class some news, or show something that is special to them. In Term 2 we will begin a rota system for this to ensure that everyone gets to have a turn.




At the beginning of the term we will do some work on sorting and matching, colour recognition and 2D shapes. Alongside this we will be working on numbers within 10 using the Number Zoo programme. We will work on the formations, counting and recognising each number. A copy of each rhyme for the numbers will be given home.


Health and Wellbeing


This term we will be focusing on feelings and emotions. We will introduce and discuss the Golden Rules and how Golden Time is used to celebrate positive behaviour. Golden Time will be every Friday afternoon. Children are allowed to bring in a small toy from home if they wish. No electronic items are allowed to be brought in for Golden Time. Please be aware that items from home are the children’s responsibility. We will also spend some time having a tour around the school and will meet some of the adults who work in the school. This will help pupils to settle into the new environment.


P.E will be twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays. If you have not done so already could you please make sure that a gym kit is provided for your child. It is most helpful if the gym kit is left in school at all times. All jewellery must be removed for P.E lessons and long hair to be tied back on that day. It is also helpful if children can wear something that they can independently change in and out of on these days.


Please ensure that you have named all of your child’s clothing and belongings. Due to the unpredictability of Caithness weather, please ensure your child brings a suitable outdoor jacket each day otherwise they will be unable to play outside with the other children. Children are welcome to bring in a water bottle for using in the classroom. We would recommend that this has a sports cap to avoid any spillages. Please ensure it is just plain water and not flavoured or diluting juice.


If you ever have any questions or queries please feel free to get in touch.

Mrs Fiona Elder