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Science Festival

This week we have been very busy with the Science Festival.  We went to Animal magic on Wednesday where we learned about vertebrates. We saw a parrot, a hedgehog, a toad and a snake.  We got to hold and stroke the animals!


On Thursday we went to James Super Juiced where we learned about electricity.  We saw electricity being created using magnets and movement.  We learned electricity can create movement, light, heat and sound.


On Friday we went out to the playground and watched the solar eclipse through special eclispe glasses.  It was amazing!


Then on Friday afternoon we went to Ready, Teddy, Go and learned all about forces.  We did activities about pushing, pulling, friction, floating and sinking.

Picture 1 Ready Teddy Go
Picture 2 Ready Teddy Go
Picture 3 Ready Teddy Go
Picture 4 Ready Teddy Go
Picture 5 Animal Magic
Picture 6 Animal Magic
Picture 7 Animal Magic
Picture 8 James Super Juiced
Picture 9 Wearing the glasses for viewing the eclipse