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Safer Internet Day

As part of Safer Internet Day 2014 on Tuesday 11th February we had a "Dragons Den" style challenge.  In groups we had to design something which would help make the Internet a better and safer place.  There were lots of fantastic ideas which we developed in our groups and then presented to the rest of the class.  After everyone had done their presentation we voted on which we thought was the best.  There were lots of great ideas - a privacy button on your PC keyboard; "Flappy Bird 2" (with different settings so it could be as difficult as you wanted it to be!) and "Flappy Wheels" games; Kidmedia (a Facebook for children website); (an age appropriate website which linked to all your favourite websites); a "Games rehab" centre which would help stop people becoming addicted to online games; and "Your Tube", similar to YouTube but with only age appropriate videos!  However, our winning group was Kane, Amy, Jemma and Louise S. who designed the "unbreakable" Iphone "Lexis", a phone which only downloads age appropriate websites, apps and games, and is supplied as one phone for each family member. Congratulations!


As you can see from the photos we had lots of fun learning about how to be safe on the Internet as well as developing our group working and presentation skills!

Picture 1 Creating a better Internet 1
Picture 2 Creating a better Internet 2
Picture 3 Creating a better Internet 3
Picture 4 Creating a better Internet 4
Picture 5 Creating a better Internet 5
Picture 6 Creating a better Internet 6
Picture 7 "Your Tube", your rules!
Picture 8
Picture 9 Preventing internet gaming addiction
Picture 10 Safety Privacy button
Picture 11 "Flappy Bird 2"
Picture 12 "Flappy Wheels" game
Picture 13
Picture 14 The unbreakable iphone "Lexis"
Picture 15 Our winning group!