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Playground behaviour



I am having a zero tolerance of any negative and disrespectful behaviour in the playground. By P6, children should know the difference between right and wrong and demonstrate a positive role model to those younger children in the playground.


Since August, we have been learning a great deal about how to treat others with respect in health, show empathy, read body language and how to deal with different playground situations. The children should now be putting this into practise.


An extract from the school handbook has been sent home, alongside the newsletter and timetable for Term 3, explaining the sanctions for breaking the Golden Rules in the playground. These have been re-visited with the children so everyone knows the expectations there are. Please note that if your child receives a red card, they will not be chosen to represent the school at any events in that term.


I hope you will agree and support the school with this as it is a very important life skill to learn to tolerate others and show respect to both adults and peers in the playground.