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Parent Council Playground Improvements Photos

On Friday 10th May and Saturday 11th May 2019 the Parent Council arranged for some painting works to be carried out in the P4-P7 playground. The PC would like to thank Willie Lipka of JA Waters in Thurso for very generously donating the “Pennyland Green” paint which was used to paint the Outdoor Classroom, the shed and 2 sets of table and chairs and the white and red paint to freshen up the shelter shed. Thank you to all the parents who gave up their time at the weekend to make this happen and of course the children that helped. Big thanks also to Miss Taylor who helped the whole time and kept us all right!  It’s amazing to see the changes we can make with a few volunteers and a few spare hours.   


Throughout the summer holidays it was the turn of the P1-P3 Playground.  With a huge amount of support from Bob Miller and the Community Council team 2 sheds were built and painted and filled with all the play equipment the children requested.  The shelter sheds were painted, new climbing wall plugs attached and the new interactive play pannels installed.  All the tables, chairs and fences were painted Pennyland Green and planters painted in lovely bright colours.  Thanks to Paul Andrews we have custom made chalkboards for inside the shelter sheds painted in the same colours. 

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