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A very warm welcome to P6!


(updated 9th June)

Term 4 is flying is in with summer holidays just around the corner - 2nd July at 12pm


A hugely successful WEAR IT WILD DAY which raised £434!

The children have voted to adopt two endangered animals - black rhino and the Asian elephant - with the rest of the money going towards buying acres of protected woodland.


school trip - Thursday 18th June to Janetstown recylcing center and Seater Landfill Site. The children have notes about this which should be returned to school as quickly as possible please.


It has been brought to the attention of the  school that some children are accessing some websites that although are age appropriate, their content is not, with harmful images and opportunities for "chat" with strangers.

Oovoo is a particular app (rated age 4 plus) that has been discussed and we would urge parents to monitor what their children are accessing online and reinforce the message about not "chatting" to people online that they do not know.   


Our project is in full swing and we have been learning about climate change, what we can do as individuals to reduce the effect of this and looking at renewable and non-renewable energy sources.


In health we have started to looked at how our bodies change and develop as we grow up and the emotional and physical changes that this brings.


If you have any worries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the school on 892661

Picture 1 Red Nose Day 2015
Picture 2 our new P6
Picture 3 strike a pose!