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P4 Garden

Picture 1 We have some sweet peas still in flower
Picture 2 This is what our garden looks like before we start
Picture 3 Mr. Pearson said that we would find some soil
Picture 4 That weed's mine! I saw it first!
Picture 5 Make room for me please!
Picture 6 This makes a nice change from class work!
Picture 7 Now which way round does the bulb go?
Picture 8 We are weeding and planting bulbs.
Picture 9 Can you tell which ones are plants
Picture 10 Look at all the insect life in our garden!
Picture 11 All busy!
Picture 12 Where do we start?
Picture 13 Hard at work!
Picture 14 Making sure that everyone is on task!
Picture 15 Have we done a good job?
Picture 16 What are you planting?
Picture 17 This is what our bed looks like after weeding
Picture 18 Hopefully we will have some flowers in the spring.