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Happy Easter and welcome back to term 4 - our last term, which is, I am sad to say, our last term. I hope we will make the most of these last ten weeks together and it will be as successful as Term 3! Term 3 was packed with learning and lots of different activities.

We all loved the Science Festival, especially listening to Dr. Michael Leach talking about his work with gorillas. Top tip - if you ever see a gorilla walking down Thurso high street, whatever you do, don’t look it in the eye! We also had fun learning about electricity and circuits and we even used the power from the sun to help us! We visited Mount Pleasant and used K’Nex to make a crash proof car – the best part was testing the prototypes and seeing if they worked. During our visit to Miller Primary, we learned about bog bodies and wrote a letter to the future.

Did you know that Pancake Day is not just about pancakes? In Term 3, we learned about the origins of this and about the significance of Lent. We then made some frying pans and had our very own P4D ‘pancake’ tossing competition.

World Book Day was a big success – thanks to everyone for making such a big effort with their costumes. We picked a book we wanted to listen to, and then we visited another class to do some work on this. It was very exciting being mixed up with the other classes and primaries.

Mrs Mill will continue to take the class for a small slot on a Monday morning. The class are delighted that Mrs Budge has returned from maternity leave and will take them on a Wednesday.



We are still using the Highland Literacy Strategy to form the basis of our language work.

We will continue to use Nelson Spelling, alongside the most commonly used words.

This is the last chance in P4 for your child to earn rocks to spend in the rock shop by working towards achieving their Accelerated Reading target.

Michelle Hodgson, Teacher for the Deaf, continues to teach the class Signed Supported English on a Thursday.



The Highland Numeracy Strategy forms the basis of our work.

This term we will work on the following:

  • Consolidation of the four processes of numbers
  • Fractions
  • We will revisit money and time

On a Wednesday Mrs Budge will be teaching aspects of:

  • Measure/Data Analysis
  • Shape


Every week your child will be given a card game to practise at home. This is a fun way to improve their math skills so try and play as much as possible.



Last term the class expressed an interest in learning about the weather in Caithness, tsunamis, and the water cycle. Therefore, our topic for this term is the weather, which will follow on nicely from the topic of Caithness. This will cover science, social studies and maths, as we can record the weather locally.


Health and Wellbeing

P.E. continues to take place on a Friday morning. Please ensure all jewellery is removed beforehand. Swimming takes place on a Tuesday – please remember a swim bag and a pound. A note is required if your child cannot participate.


Modern and Foreign Languages

This term we will consolidate greetings, talking about ourselves and asking basic questions.



Reading homework - this will be glued in to your child’s reading record on a Monday and should be signed weekly.

Spelling homework - write the word three times, choose an activity from the activity sheet, and choose four words and use them in sentences. Remember VCOP!

Maths homework - this will generally be a new card game to practise


If you have any worries or concerns then please do not hesitate to pop a note in your child’s reading record or make an appointment to see me.

Thanks for your continued support.

Ms Davenport