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Pennyland Playground improvements

We have been corresponding with Highland Council Estates Management Team for some years now in order to bring improvements to our playgrounds.

This year has been particularly difficult as we have had the added pressures of unstable solar panels that need to be brought down from the roof of the multi-storey block.

The pupils and staff have worked together to bring about workarounds which included having all the pupils in one part of the playground.

We have commandeered the use of Naver all-weather pitch which has allowed the pupils to spend time playing safely on an even surface in a large fenced area.

Thankfully, the recent spell of dry weather has allowed pupils to play on the grass area in the school grounds.

The parent council is supporting the schools by fund raising and re painting the shed and outdoor seating area as well as the shelter shed. These improvements will motivate our pupils to know that we think they deserve the best playground that can be afforded to them.

Be assured that we will continue to put our requests for a safe, inclusive space to the Estates management.