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Greenpower Goblin car

We've been working hard on our electric/battery powered Goblin car. We have 2 Dounreay apprentices (Sean and Donald) who come and help us once a fortnight on a Friday afternoon. The first thing we had to do was take it apart! Then we've started to put it back together again. We're recycling last year's bodywork so we'll need to repaint it and design a new logo. We think our name is going to be the "Pennyland Cheetahs" so our car will probably be yellow with black spots on it!  We'll try and put up some more photos as the build progresses.  Hopefully we'll be test driving it in no time at all!
Picture 1 First, we took it apart!
Picture 2 Adding the cog for the chain
Picture 3 Continuing the rebuild
Picture 4 Then we started putting it back together again!
Picture 5 Rebuilding the car