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Funky Fingers!

It is really important that the children build up the strength in their fingers to help them hold their pencils effectively.  It is extremely difficult for the children to for their letters correctly if they have the wrong pencil grip.


To help with this and to improve the children's overall fine motor skills, we now have a finger gym set up in the classroom called Funky Fingers.  As well as whole class finger exercises before pencil control lessons, children can independently carry out the Funky Finger Challenge whenever they have free time in the class.  Challenges will range from using tweezers to pick up and place pompoms in certain objects, threading pasta onto pipe cleaners, peeling small stickers off their backing paper onto coloured paper, to even picking out yellow split peas from a tub of rice!  We encourage the children to use their pinching fingers (the thumb and index finger) as these are the main fingers that grip the pencil when writing.

Picture 1 Funky Fingers
Picture 2 Funky Fingers
Picture 3 Funky Fingers
Picture 4 Finger Gym
Picture 5 Finger Gym
Picture 6 Finger Gym