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On Thursday 8th January we were visited by a Friendly Dragon who left us a special letter! He explained to us that Fairyland has disappeared and asked would we be able to turn our classroom into a Fairyland and read more fairytales. Of course we decided to help the Friendly Dragon out! (We have checked with Mrs Rigby that we are allowed to!)


So far we have made a beanstalk, a castle and a large dragon (perhaps what the real dragon looks like!) We have discovered that the dragon's name is Duncan. He recently left his twin baby girl and boy with us and P1/2 to look after! We decided to name our baby Daisy and P1/2 have baby Danny. We are taking great care of them and taking it in turns to take them home to visit our families.

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Picture 19 our thrones!
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Picture 22 the beanstalk!
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