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Fairyland update

Our Fairyland topic has been going very well. We planted some magical golden beans which Duncan kindly gave us and our tree has been growing! The pupils have been getting golden beans in a magic treasure chest for following the golden rules. At the end of the topic the pupil with the most golden beans will get to keep the chest and all of the golden beans! As part of our Fairyland topic we made rainbow clouds. We worked with a partner and had to write words to describe our partner. It was fun and they look great hanging from the classroom ceiling. Another fairytale that we read in class was Rapunzel and also Hansel and Gretel. We made a tower for Rapunzel and she is now watching over the classroom to make sure we're working hard all the time! We also used brown paper bags to make a gingerbread house.
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Picture 10 Our golden bean tree!