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Christmas Concert 2013

Our wonderful P7s put on a fantastic show for over 400 parents, relations and friends as part of our school Christmas Concert.  Their performance of "Hansel and Gretel" was a great way to end the show.  They put so much work into it, learning their lines and songs, sourcing and creating costumes and scenery and squeezing as much rehearsal time as possible into their busy timetables.  They had help from our lovely PSAs, particularly Mrs Cameron who helped them to perfect their dance routines!  They also created and sold the show's programme and ran a stall which sold some friendship bracelets they had made during lunchtime Craft Club!  What a fantastic effort!  We're very proud of them all.
Picture 1 Hansel, Gretel and family open the show
Picture 2 Father and the "wicked step-mother"
Picture 3 Welcome to the "crumb stealing" birds!
Picture 4 The "wicked old woman" makes her appearance!