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Pennyland Team

Head Teacher                   Cath Seddon

Acting Depute                   Karen Hood

Acting Principal teacher    Fiona Mitchell

Clerical Assistant              Indyia Bradley

Janitor                              Gary Strachan


Class Teachers

P1       Fiona MacDonald

P1/2   Catherine Taylor

P2/3   Louise Mackay and Jemma Munro

P3      Audrey Robson

P4P    Christopher Pearson

P4D    Jennifer Davenport

P5       Suzanne Mackenzie

P6       Shaun Henderson

P7        Fiona Mitchell


Support for Learning Teachers

Alison Brims

Kathy Turner


Pupil Support Staff

Isobel Miller, Laura McLeod, Carol Fotheringham, Pam Gray, Lynn McLean and Christine Todd